Thursday, February 18, 2010

Rosetta Stone For Homeschooling

Do you use Rosetta Stone in your home?

In your Homeschool?

For yourself or your kids?

We started with Rosetta Stone about a year ago and I really love the program.  Why?  With Rosetta Stone, while there is an initial cost involved, I can purchase one package of software and every member of our family can use it at their own pace.  No need to buy it for each individual person.  Love that.

I encourage you to go to their website for more details.  To me, what makes it such a great choice is that all different ages can use it, it works on spelling, pronunciation and hearing.  For people like me who need all the help we can get, I say it is a win-win situation.

For those of you who homeschool, Rosetta Stone has an e-news letter called  Stepping Stones that you can sign up to receive.  It always has some good nugget of information to offer.  It is also good to note that when you sign up for their newsletter, whether it is the homeschooling one or the one for personal use, they offer discounts on their products from time to time.

Currently Rosetta Stone is organizing a Homeschool Language Learning and Networking Trip where they say you can "put your language curriculum to use in the real world as you explore Spain and France."

The trip is to Paris, Madrid and Barcelona from August 2-11, 2010 and you can get more details here.

If you use Rosetta Stone or have questions about it I would love to hear from you on this topic.

Have an Amazing Day!  Jamie


  1. I'm seriously considering Rosetta stone for languages. We'll see. If my kids were older that trip would be so tempting.......

  2. We use Tell Me More German. I read that it is to German, what Rosetta stone is to French, or Spanish. I like it quite a bit, but it's really for high school age children - it's alright for my 12 year old, but much too difficult for the younger children.

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  5. I agree Rosetta Stone rocks! We tried something a little different. We got Rosetta Stone online through a college ( for $180 a year and the advantage of this approach is it provides access to all 30 some odd languages and all levels. It allows to explore and compare languages and improves the "fun fact" 100%. The Rosetta Stone "emersion" simulation is really helpful plus with the "e-classroom" we get progress reports! We are starting to find ourselves thinking in Spanish more and more.
    I'd recommend it to anyone who wants a Spanish language booster. It would be wonderful to win a trip overseas and see if the language learned really works in communicating with native speakers.

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  11. I plan on homeschooling my daughter. I'll have to keep Rosetta Stone in mind! Thanks for the tip!
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  12. I will check that out, I am needing to make some decisions about schooling for the boys!!

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  15. Rosetta Stone is so wonderful that the Army offers it free to soldiers who are being stationed overseas! What a great program!
    I will say that using a language IN the country it is being spoken does wonders for your fluency. We live in Germany and your German improves very quickly when you are out and about..
    Love your blog, by the way!! :)

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  18. I love Rosetta Stone! I have used it for Spanish to refresh my memory and get better with conversation...and it helped at a conference last year. Half the conference was in English, half in Spanish. By the end of the first day, I was understanding Spanish, even more than the interpreter's translations. :D My husband also used it for Hindi...when he was working with an Indian company and needed this particular language. I wish it had been available when I homeschooled my sons.

    Jane (artfully graced)

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