Friday, February 5, 2010

Book Giveaway Ends Wednesday so Enter Now!

Just A Quick Second Post Today:

Don't Forget To enter in the Book Giveaway!

It Ends Wednesday

Two Lucky Winners Will Each WIN a Book!

Scroll down a few posts for details.

Good Luck! Jamie


  1. Oh how I used to be an avid reader before I had the kids...and now any time I have is dedicated to blogging.

    And thanks so much for your comments at Theta Mom - engaging in dialogue is what makes this whole process worth it!

    And I can finally follow blogs again! Following you. :)

  2. I think I would shrivel up and whither away if I didn't make time to read.

    Thanks to you too. I'm enjoying following and sharing your blog. Jamie

  3. Tweeted your giveaway! Oh and yes, no original idea...I am prego! Very happy!

    Have a great weekend Carolina Girl!

  4. I am not entering your book giveaway...but I wanted to emphasize the wonderful Usborne books. I used them all through the years we homeschooled (all three sons). They are easy to read and understand, and the pictures are fabulous. There is even a coloring book for anatomy that was used in the medical school at USF...great drawings!!!
    My boys all did great in HS...and College science classes...much of the info they learned were from these books!
    Jane (artfully graced)

  5. Jane,

    I know aren't they great? In my former life before being a SAH/homeschooling mom I was a Chiropractor and taught Anatomy and Physiology at the college level, so I know a good book when I see it. Jamie

  6. I have a copy of the book (and gave away a copy on my blog). Good choice! The program really works if you want it to work.



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