Friday, February 12, 2010

My All American Guy

Since I homeschool our son, when I need to go somewhere and it is probably best he not go (like the hairdressers - little boys hate it there) then Ethan hangs with his daddy while he works.

Such was the case the other day.

After I got all beautiful thanks to my wonderful stylist Jenn (please just agree with me it makes me feel good) then I went to where my husband was working to pick Ethan up.

Ken has a company that does Paintless-Dent-Removal, which means they take door dings and hail damage out of vehicles with out having to paint and do body work on them.

For the past sixteen years I have spend countless hours having conversations with my husband while watching him do exactly this.

I love watching him work (in a proud sort of way, not a lazy one.)   He truely is my All American Guy.

And then came the switcheroo with Ethan.  You can tell what was important to our son while he left dad to get the rest of his "things to keep busy while dad works".  Love those guys.


Congrats to the winners of my Dave Ramsey Book giveaway.

So ladies send me an email with your shipping address so I can get those books off to you ASAP.  Congrats!


  1. Sounds like all of you had a wonderful day!

    My boys used to love when I left them with Dad.
    We also had a special "no school" day...this occurred when all the glasses were in the cabinet at the same time. This was a rare occasion with a two-fold reward. First, the boys emptied the dishwasher, and second, there were no glasses hanging around the house! In 8 years of homeschooling, this happened maybe once every couple of months. It was a REAL CELEBRATION! (And then there were Macy's One Day Sales...Mom and little brother shopped while big brothers went ice skating in the mall, followed by lunch at La Madeleine's.What a treat!!!

    Jane (artfully graced)

  2. haha cute. Love watching my boys together. No matter what Ryan does Jacob thinks he has to be daddys little helper

  3. So nice for them to hang together like that. I love that they have on matching shirts!

  4. Thanks for linking up at Follow Me Fridays. I am playing catch up. So I am now following you. ;-) Have a fun weekend.



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