Sunday, February 28, 2010

My Affair With A Geek

A love affair of the heart that is.

The guys of Geek Squad (that is not a sexist statement, I'm sure there are ladies of the Geek Squad as well, I just personally didn't encounter any) came to my resue this past week in a big way and I have silently fallen in love with my knights in shining armour riding in on a white horse carrying their pomp black and and orange regal sheilds.

Of course, if I were actually having a true affair with an agent from the Geek Squad, foreplay (can I say that word, afterall this is a family blog) would be a series of dates wherein I would ask the simplest of techi questions and with naught a smirk on his face my brilliant and skillful Geek would masterfully woo me with his words, delicately explaining the answers for even the most intellectually challenged of blonde like myself to understand.  Oh my heart swoones at even the thought now as I remember the pleasure of our encounter .

I first rendezvoused with my Geek Squad (yes, I have claimed them as mine now) last week when I made that stressfull 911 call in a desperate plea for someone to revive my sick and ailing baby, my right arm, my appendage, my life line to all that is good and evil in this world, my computer.

They mysteriously appeared donned in their trademark agent uniform.  Forget secret service, think Will Smith in Men In Black.  They even call themselves agents.  I mean, come on ladies, who needs romance novels when I can have the real thing right here, anytime I want.

My Geek agent quickly went to work diagnosing my feeble baby as I impatiently paced about, wondering if there were any hope at all for my seven year old computer to survive this attack.  As uncertainty loomed about not sure if I would ever hear the hum of her CPU while I booted up her now slow and aged mind, I recalled how she had faithfully seen me through the long move from Illinois to North Carolina.  Wrapped in a big, plain box, bearing the cold February weather for two long days, not a complaint, not even a wimper.  Unpacked and hooked up she didn't skip a beat, we were one and in sync and my faithful computer had stood by my side through it all.  And now here I found myself, three years later, pacing back and forth, searching the face of my Geek agent for a glimps of some good news.

The prognosis was grim.  It had a virus.  And not just any virus, one that would require surgery.

Without delay I gently toted my baby's brain to the nearest Best But location and headed immediately to the Geek Squad desk.  And there they were, working feverishly to answer questions, calm the fatigued and stressed, remaing tranquil in the storm of emotional families, who like myself had experience some techological loss recently and who had come here, in their moment of need, looking for answers.  My knights in shinning armour stood stoicly prepared, in all their black and white glory and it was at that moment I knew it would be okay.

They hooked my baby up to their life support system on the operating table behind them and gently listened as I poured forth my woes.  I explained the accident and how much this archaic computer meant to me.  I divulged my feelings of ineptness and pleaded for someone, anyone to come to my rescue, all the while my Geek Squad stood there, listening, taking notes and soothing my worries with their gentle but confident voice.

"We'll take care of it."

"You, you mean everything?"

"Sure, no problem."

No problem?  I just wanted to jump over the counter and hug him, heck, hug all of them, but I restrained, afterall, to catch a guy you can't show him how crazy you are about him after the first date.

"So you can take the virus off my old computer, rescue years of data, set up my newly purchased laptop with all the files transfered, also download the information on a remote storage device (that you are going to have to help me pick out) then reload the operating system back onto my wounded baby so I can give it to my son and lastly come out to my house and set us up for wireless internet so that we can join the rest of the techi world in a Wi-fi life?  You can do all that?"

"Sure, no problem."

I Love you.  Forget beer commercials, I love my Geek.

And so, here I am, exactly one week later since meeting my Geeks and life is almost back to normal.  I have my new laptop with all my old files restored on it.  I have my faithful computer cleared of viruses and operating system reinstalled.  I have since relocated her to a slower paced life in our homeschool room where the living is easier and and the shine shines often. Our house is wireless now and all this evolution because of that fateful day when my Geek Squad came to the rescue.

I wanted to give a specific shoutout to the guys at the Raleigh/Brier Creek Geek Squad location in NC.  You all Rock!


  1. I stumbled over here...I love the music! :) it made me smile! Hi, My name is Meme frome Screaming Meme...I'd love to invite you over to Screaming Meme...It is a decorating blog...I hope to see you there! Meme

  2. "Sure, no problem" is the most beautiful thing that a geek fixing your computer can say.

    Stopping by from Lady Bloggers tea party (except a day late ) :)

  3. hey thanks for stopping by. Wow - that's impressive that it was like no big deal for them to fix all of that. I hope everything turns out okay.


  4. Wow well written!

    So glad everything is getting worked out. I love my lap top, but I am contemplating getting a desk top with a little more space.

  5. wow great save! i love my little net book. i have a computer geek living in my house. also known as my 19 yr old son aneel. he is very popular in our household lol. we love him for more than just that :) my son reciently saved me from having to spend $130 at the geek squad to repair my virus infested net book. for $70(would have been $200 i deducted the $70) and 3o min later he had it up and running!
    thank you for visiting!

  6. I really liked the photos you used. I'm glad it worked out for you!


  7. Thanks mauela,

    I have to admit it was kind of fun searching for those photos. Let's just call it a guilty pleasure.


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