Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Great Book For Kids

I LOVE Books!

I especially love books that educate and entertain my son.

If you've noticed my note about Usborne Books to the right of my posts then you know about my love affair with these books.  I've been purchasing them for my son for years now and you may have been as well and didn't even know it.

Today I wanted to share with you this amazing book that is a staple resource in our homeschool.  However, even if my son wasn't homeschooled I would have this book in our house.  The information is so valuable for different aged kids on a wide range of topics.

This incredible reference book is crammed with just about every fact that you or your children will ever want to know.  Including information about science and technology and much, much more.

All of their books have amazing illustrations...

...just popping from the pages with color.

The Book of Knowledge is Internet-Linked, one of Usborne's trademarks.

They are everywhere in this book on all topics.

This book includes topics on...

Take a look at some pages in this category.

This is another topic in the book.

Then there is this topic.


How about...

You might also find this topic interesting.

This topic has wonderful timelines.



...on all kinds of topics.

And of course...

Can you tell I really love this book?

This book retails for only $14.99 (very resonable for all you get) and can be purchased through this link (Usborne Books).

I am an Educational Consultant to schools and libraries for Osborne books.  This is how I pay for all those goodies I give away to you all for free and it helps me pay off my debt.  But if you want to purchase it you can click on the link and have it shipped to you or somewhere else.

Also, because we all love free stuff, if you want to get some free books you can email me or click on the link to get more information on how to do that as well.

Ya'll have a beautiful day!  Jamie

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