Saturday, January 23, 2010

Look At These Divine Dishes I Discovered

These are my Rosanna Dishes I've had for quite a number of years now.

I pull them out when someone in the family is having a birthday.

I thought I would give you a preview of the new line of Rosanna dishes coming out next months.  They make me just want to bake and bake.

Take a look and vote for your favorite.

Artist's Loft

Mixing together an eclectic blend of Retro, Baroque, Paisley and Victorian somehow makes these whimsical dishes work.

Buon Viaggio

Inspired by the jet-setting of the 1950's - Bon Voyage!



Decor BonBon - Colors

Love the retro feel from the 1930's.  Where's my apron?

Decor Bon Bon - White

A throw back to the Victorian inspired cake pedestal.  Love the simplicity in the white.

Eat Dessert First

These remind me of the birthday ones I own I showed you at the top.  Perfect for all kinds of festive occasions.

Farmers' Market

Love the fact that this set would be great for everyday dinning.  Reminds me of the Sonoma Valley.


You say Gelato I say Gelatoe...

Ice Cream

Again, the 1950's inspired her whimsical design here.

La Petit Hameau

Named for Marie Antoinette's "little  village" of Versailles, these dishes give way to the splendor of 18th century toile.  Love the pink and chocolate combination.

Les Petit Pois

Wonder Bread meets tea time.  Fun!

Petite  Treat

This my favorite.  Love the little pedestals for the cupcakes.  I most certainly will be getting these.  The only question is how many to order?

All are made of refined procelain and microwave/dishwasher safe.  Although she does recommend hand washing on most.  I always hand wash mine.

Here is the website you can go to to find out more about these dishes or check out the other great collections she has.  Rosanna, Inc.

Okay, time to vote on your favorite.  Feel free to facebook, tweets or just scream across the lawn to your neighbor to check these out and vote.

HINT:  I'm thinking about giving the most popular out next month in my next Giveaway.  So get those votes in. 

Use the poll at the top of this page to give your answers!

Live a Delicious Life,


  1. Hi Jamie,
    Such pretty dishes it was hard to choose a favorite.
    So Nice to have you join the MJF Girls. Its a nice place to be.
    Nancy Jo

  2. Petit pois love 'em!! Definately POLKA DOTS Jamie!

    Farm girl #525

  3. Thanks Nancy Jo, what a sweet thing to say. Jamie

  4. My favorite is La Petit Hameau! It was a hard choice. All are so pretty.


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