Monday, January 18, 2010

Crochet Your Own Dishcloths

So the same little nimph that steals the socks from the dryer has been visiting my kitchen and sneaking off with dishcloths.  At least that's one theory.  The other is that I paid good money for poor quality dishcloths one too many times.  Within months of purchasing the majority of them disintegrated into a thread barren piece of cloth that only a bird might find useful for making a nest - at least his carftsment ship would indeed be superior.

So deciding I was not going to spend another dime to purchase dishcloths that wouldn't see the light of summer, I decided to put needle to hook and crochet some for myself.

After perusing the internet for possible patterns to follow, as usual the case, I decided to forgo any instruction that actually might be helpful and create my own pattern.

As embarrasing as it may be I will show you my paltry attempts in the hopes of redeeming myself in your eyes when you see the final product.

Attempt number ONE!

Believe it or not this was not the worst attempt.  I used half-double stitches in the center with single stitches around the edge.  What went wrong?  I think I was focusing too much on what I wanted to do instead of counting stitches.  What I liked? The half-double stitch.  Since I don't like to wash with a cloth that has a wide stitch, thereby ensnaring every utensil handle in the back nine, this seemed to work well.  The edging was a nice touch but not quite the look I wanted.  Also, way too small overall.  I like a meatly sized dishcloth and this certainly was not it.

Attempt number TWO:

Hands down this was the worst for obvious reasons.  I decided to try a single stitch through the back loop only in the hopes of creating some "nubs" to scrub dishes with.  Again, not checking my work very well  I unintentionally created the lace like border which was an unfortunate outcome.  Also, still way too small.

Attempt number THREE:

Much better and much more like the image I had in my head.  Sometimes it just takes a little coaxing and a lot of prodding to get that image realized but this one definitely made me hopeful.

I went back to the half-double stitch only.  I really liked the look of this because it reminded me of a pattern you might see in a professional kitchen and maybe if I can look professional my cooking would follow suite.  Okay, maybe not but one can hope.

This was pretty much what I wanted, now I just needed to clean up a few mistakes and edge it out just a bit bigger.  And the result...

...The Final Product in Attempt number FOUR:

Okay, the photo doesn't make it look rectangle but I promise you it is.  I'm very happy with this result.  It measures 12.5" X 11.5". I popped out about a dozen of these over the course of a week in the evenings while watching television with the fam.  I washed my dishes with it today and was very pleased.  Joy meter registered high!
So, if you would like to crochet one of these dishcloths, here is the pattern I created.


Gourmet Dishcloths

Sugar 'n Cream 100% cotton yarn (2 colors - a blue/green stripe and a white stripe)
Size H hook

Row 1:  With dark yarn chain 38
Rows 2 & 3: Stay with same yarn.  Starting in second loop, hdc across, adding one sc at end of row.  Turn.
Rows 4 & 5:  Using light (white) yarn, hdc across adding one sc at end of row.  Turn.
Rows 6 & 7:  Using dark yarn, dhc across adding one sc at each end of row.  Turn.
Rows 8 - 26:  Using the light (white) yard, hdc across adding one sc at end of tow.  Turn.
Rows 27 & 28:  Using dark yard hdc across adding one sc at each end of row.  Turn.
Rows 29 & 30:  Using light (white) yarn, hdc across adding one sc at end of row.  Turn
Row 31:  Using dark yarn, hdc across adding one sc at end of row.  Turn.
Row 32:  hdc across and tie off at end.  Weave in tail.

 Certainly you can cut this pattern down if you would prefer a smaller cloth.

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