Friday, August 21, 2009

Great Homesteading Book!

Okay, I know I've been away for a few days but I have been extremely busy. A good busy, matter of fact a great busy, and yes, I have finished the the apron. More on that in a moment. Since I last wrote I have been homeschooling my son, closing on homes, setting up a new real estate blog and learning to tweet on twitter. You can check out both at the following: I like this twitter thing (not sure what form of speech to call it. I suppose it is a noun or is that pronoun and when you twitter is that a verb right?). It is quick and easy and allows fast communication all around the world. It is amazing. Anyway, back to the topics at hand. I do have the apron done and it has turned out oh so cute. I hope to have the pics up on that in a day or two. In the meantime I wanted to pass along to you a great book I found on homesteading. The book is called "The Backyard Homestead" edited by Carleen Madigan for Storey Publishing. Check for it in your local library first, although I think once your read it you'll want your own copy to keep for referencing for years to come. Here is an excerpt from the back cover. "The Indispensable Guide to Food Self-Sufficiency from a quarter of an acre you can harvest 1,400 eggs, 50 pounds of wheat, 60 pounds of fruit, 2,000 pounds of vegetables, 280 pounds of pork and 75 pounds of nuts. Put Your Backyard to Work. Enjoy fresher, organic, better-tasting food all the time. The solution is as close as your own backyard. Grow the vegetables and fruit your family loves; keep bees; raise chickens, goats or even a cow.'ll learn how to cook, preserve, cure, brew, or pickle the fruit of your labor." I poured through this book like nobodies business. It was a real page turner for me. Yes, maybe I'm a geek, so be it. I love this book! I want to try it all: making cheese, making wine and beer, growing grain and turning it into flour and on and on it goes. Right now those that know me I'm sure are having visions of Eva Gabor from Green Acres. That's fine, just don't refer to my dog Lego as Arnold the pig, I think he might take offence to that. If you have any inclination at all to want to know the least bit about even one aspect of homesteading, this is your book. After you check it out let me know what you think!

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  1. The book sounds like one that I would love too. Thanks for the info. Let us know how you work Twitter into your busy life. I would love to get a handle on it too.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


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