Friday, August 7, 2009

Reproducing A Vintage Apron - Part 3

Welcome back. I've been sewing away at my quickly becoming cute little apron and I can't wait to start wearing it around the house as I clean and cook. Before I tell you about how that's going however, I want to selfishly mention something I did totally unrelated to sewing yesterday. When I told my husband I was going to blog about it he gave me a funny look, not quite understanding why I would feel compelled to pass along such seemingly unimportant information. I told him it was a girl thing and that the women out there would understand. So here it is...yesterday I chopped off my hair, and I do mean chopped.
Okay, so I do have an appointment with my hairdresser Tuesday, but I didn't want to wait until then (any surprises from those that know me - I figured not.) I had decided several days back that on my next visit to the salon I would get my hair cut into a short chin length bob, similar to what Katie Holmes has so brilliantly been sporting. I don't know if it was the oppressive heat or just me (probably the latter) that possessed me to just get it over with, kind of like pulling a bandage off quickly, either way that is exactly what I did. Late yesterday afternoon I went into my bathroom, brushed my hair then put it into a low pony tail. Got out a very dull pair of scissors my husband uses to trim his beard and started cutting. It was so thrilling, even through the gnawing and sawing sounds of the dull scissors. When done I threw the detached pony in the trash, washed and dried my hair then fixed supper. My son didn't realize I had cut my hair and when questioned about what was different with it he just said it looked fluffier - and it did. When my husband came home first thing out of mouth was "Whoa, you cut your hair. I like it." He then proceeded to tell me three more time between then and this morning how much he liked my new hair cut. (See smile on face here.) I concur.
Now, onto the apron...
After putting the bodice all together the day before, it was time to start assembling the skirt. I sewed the side seams and then zigzagged the edges once again for extra protection before pressed the seams open. Next I did a double-hem for the sides of the skirt, pretty easy since it is a straight edge. Then it was time to attach the skirt to the bottom part of the belt. So once again I swapped out the yellow bobbin with the blue so threads would match fabrics, pinned the two right sides together, sewed a straight stitch and then once attached, finished with the zigzag on the raw edge before pressing open. I'll be completing the apron today and passing on the info to you probably tomorrow. Until then use my radical hair cutting tale as an inspiration and go do something that you've been wanting to do lately but haven't had the courage (please nothing dangerous) indeed you'll find it quite exhilarating and most surprisingly liberating. Ta-ta!

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  1. Hello, I found you from the City Girl Blog silly isn't it that they were concerned about us posting our sites. Maybe they just don't understand about blogging and friendships. I have met the most wonderful people since I began blogging.
    Looks like we have lots in common. A few months ago I found a vintage apron at an antique market and took it home and did just what you are doing. So far I have made 2 aprons the vintage one and one with red polka dots I designed myself. Come on over and take a look. You'll have to look through the archives to find them but I think you will enjoy your visit. It's so nice to meet you.
    ~ ~Ahrisha~ ~


Oh I'm so happy you checked out my blog. I absolutely love hearing from each and every one of you - it truely makes my day! Jamie