Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Royal Announcement! JAAAG Resurrected From The Dead

Okay, maybe "royal" is pushing it a bit, but only a bit.  I mean, hey, if Kate can announce her baby bump, I can trumpet the rebirth of one of my babies of sorts.

So, your attention please....

"It is with much gratitude and excitement that I announce a resurrection like none you have seen since Indiana Jones entered the tomb of the Templar Knights and correctly selected the most convented secular goblet in all of history.  Without further ado, Bellas and Hotties, may I present to you Just An All American Girl 2.0!"

It has been almost three, YES three years since I put this baby to bed.  Since then much has change, happened and been lived and loved in my life.  I have so much more to share and explore with you.

Why bring the blog back and why now?  Truth be told I mourned the loss of Just An All American Girl like loosing the connection with an old friend.  In it's heyday it brought me great happiness, sharing my thoughts, joys, mishaps and triumphs with what turned out to be a group of followers who humbly could relate to some, and at times, even much of what I had to say.

Yet, as they say, life happened.  Days turned into weeks, then months and well, you know how that story goes.  Still, there in the dense fog of memories a light burned in my heart, fueled by passion, for the light tapping of computer keys, the spinning of words and the self banter of rambling wit.  I think I always knew somewhere deep inside I hadn't seen the last of my faithful blog; or at least I held a hint of hope locked away with a itsy-bitsy blinged out skeleton key that JAAAG hadn't fallen too far down the rabbit hole.

So why now?  The stars have aligned.  Seriously, I don't know any other way to say it than that.  The timing was right, but probably more influential were the thoughts roaring around in my head needing an outlet so as I could get a good nights sleep.  And here we are.

What, oh what can you expect from Just An All American Girl 2.0?  That, my friend, you will just have to wait and see.

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