Monday, March 22, 2010

Great Webcam Sites for Your Kids (and you.)

Today I wanted to pass along some great webcam sites that are educational and just plain darn fun to watch.  Hope you enjoy!

This one my son (and my husband and I) has been obssessed with.   It is a live feed of a wild barn owl named Molly.  The owl box is located 15 feet off the ground. She has five eggs which are expected to hatch any day.  The male - McGee shows up sometimes at night with food.  We have been watching this one for days - very fascinating.

Here is a live Bald Eagles nest cam located on Two Harbors Bald Eagles Nest on Santa Catalina, California. Two eggs in nest.

This is a Red Tailed Hawk in Philadelphia, PA located at the Franklin Institute Building.


  1. My nephew will love these! Also thanks for stopping by my blog. :)

  2. Great recommendations! Will have to check them out with my little man some time :)

  3. Jamie,

    Live feeds are great, thanks for sharing. It's cool how the red-tailed hawk can adapt itself to a downtown area. Nature is amazing!


  4. Oh my goodness, my kids are going to LOVE this. Add to it that her name is Molly and you sealed the deal! Thanks for passing this along.

  5. I heard about the owl one before. When I went to check it out nothing was going on, but this was last week.

    There is also a wonderful live web cam in Africa. They have one near an elephant water hole. It is pretty neat even to me.

    My kids like watching the ones w/ the puppies :o)

    I think the live web cam shots are one of the best ways to educate small children, I love them all.


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